• CASE DISMISSED: Narcotics Trafficking

  • NOT GUILTY: Assault

  • CASE DISMISSED: Client charged with murder and facing 25 years to life

  • REDUCED CHARGES: Client charged with attempted murder and possession of a weapon

  • CASE DISMISSED: Client charged with 59 counts of rape and related sexual offenses

  • CASE DISMISSED: Client charged with burglary and facing 3 1/2 to 15 years

  • NOT GUILTY: Client charged with starvation of a child

  • NOT PROSECUTED: Real Estate Broker charged with mortgage fraud crimes

  • CASE DISMISSED: Probation Officer charged with sexual misconduct with a Parolee

  • NOT GUILTY: New York City Police Officer charged with DWI

  • CASE DISMISSED: New York City Fireman charged with theft of city property

  • CASE DISMISSED: Client charged with rape

  • REDUCED CHARGES: Client charged in health care fraud conspiracy

  • CASE DISMISSED: Dentist charged with DWI

  • REDUCED CHARGES: Client charged in a series of Hobbes Act Robberies

  • DEFERRED PROSECUTION: Client charged with fraud against the U.S. Government

  • REDUCED CHARGES: Nurse charged in fraud conspiracy

  • NOT PROSECUTED: Accountant investigated with a number of criminal violations

  • NOT PROSECUTED: Client investigated for receiving bribes in exchange for government contracts

  • REDUCED CHARGES: Client charged with Fraud charges involving Medicare fraud

  • SUCCESS: Defended postal worker charged with theft of public money


Sentencing in a New York criminal case is simpler than in a federal case.  Sentencing in a federal case is far more complex and involved. Although the sentencing guidelines are no longer mandatory in federal sentencing, they are the starting point in identifying the client’s sentencing range.  Understanding how the guidelines apply in your case is critical to calculating your criminal history category, calculating the offense level and being mindful of your role in the charged conduct.  It is also important to identify additional enhancement factors, identify the appropriate deductions for minor role, explore mitigation based upon your history and characteristics, and submitting a persuasive sentencing brief in support of the appropriate sentence, regardless of whether there is a statutory mandatory minimum sentence required or not.

Ms. Todd is very experienced in federal sentencing and has submitted numerous sentencing briefs on behalf of her clients over the years with excellent results.  If you are awaiting sentence in federal or New York State court, call us and let us help you.  Sentencing should not be taken lightly and you should want to get the best possible result in your case.

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